tell me what they looked like, did they seem afraid of you?
they were kids that i once knew

STATUS: alive

MENTAL STATUS: miserable

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scilentist said:
Jason Jason Derulo Get jazzy on it [Jason Derulo(inlove) I'm that flight that you get on, international First class seat on my lap girl, riding comfortable 'Cause I know what the girl them need, New York to Haiti I got lipstick stamps on my passport, You make it hard to leave Been around the world, don't speak the language But your booty don't need explaining All I really need to understand is When you talk dirty to me Talk dirty to me Talk dirty to me Talk dirty to me Get jazzy on it

Jason Derulo
Obtenga jazzy en él

[ Jason Derulo : ]
Soy ese vuelo que usted consigue en , internacional
Asiento de primera clase en mi regazo niña , cabalgando cómodo

Porque sé lo que la chica lo necesitan ,
Nueva York a Haití
Tengo sellos de lápiz labial en mi pasaporte ,
Usted hace difícil salir

[ Jason Derulo : ]
¿Has estado en todo el mundo , no hablan el idioma
Pero su botín no es necesario explicar
Todo lo que realmente necesita entender es
Cuando usted habla sucio a mí
Hable sucio a mí
Hable sucio a mí
Hable sucio a mí
Obtenga jazzy en él

[beryll voice] Hable sucio a mí


"…I want… The D."

Seeming to come to her senses, Beryll laughs abnormally hard.

"The Dendrexetastes, of course!!"

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Anonymous said:


beRYLL IS VERY IMPORTANT TBH… i really really like her a lot. she’s really sweet and so outside of herself sometimes that it hurts….. ((sometimes more like all of the time cmon ber be a bit more selfish pls keep urself  happy….)) tbh if i had to make a list of dr ocs i would date irl ber would prob b high up on that list.. i like birds and she just is sooo cute im gonna DIE……

aS FOR NIKKI i rly like her a whole bunch she’s super rad and awesome… to like….. extremes……… but i probably agitate / annoy her more often than not oopsies im glad she puts up w me

but rly she’s a… a rly nice person i hope we can b better friends…… i love


so um… I drew fanart for my favorite character in ASP, Hiro. I hope it’s good, it’smy first drawing something in this style. hhhhh

Little Boy Blues [OPEN]


It was so nice before. When you could talk for a bit and try to rebound from those feelings you had before. Feelings you wish you couldn’t feel. Feelings you never wanted nor expected in the first place. In a week things could almost seem normal, casual, all that nice everyday stuff. Aside from being trapped and all, though after oh so many days it’s something that can be overlooked. Company helps it. Though he didn’t expect things to take a turn. Another turn. A repeat. A horrible one.

"Oh why is this happening again? I thought we could get over it. Maybe learn a lesson of some sort. Something that could have taught us ‘No killing or-or you executed if you do!’ It’s not that hard to not listen. Or is it hard? Oh….Why can’t we just have a peaceful living? Why, why, why…."

Rupert was making a little fuss in the kitchen. It could be considered kind of scary if someone entered right then and there. He was aggressively whispering to himself. Nervously running his fingers along the counters and patting his pants pockets. He knew how to deal with it the first time. He could handle it then, especially since he didn’t exactly know them that well. Second time means that there is a chance he could be killed. His friends get killed. Even little casualties, like the victim. He didn’t know her, the only time he really saw or talked to her was during trial. Even then it was only her correcting him. Nothing more. The fact that someone murdered another was what scared him the most.

He felt like crying, but tears won’t come out. The only feeling he knows and can recognize is paranoia. Wasn’t he supposed to feel sadness? Depression? Maybe determination to find the culprit? Does he even know who he is? Rupert wanted to hug someone. He wanted to be told things are going to be alright. He wants security and sanity. Lie to him.

Beryll couldn’t stay at the scene. She couldn’t. Later, she’d go back and investigate, but for now, she needed to go. She wanted this all to just- just stop.

She’d been happy, even just yesterday. How could she be so daft?

She’d been aimlessly wandering, pacing through the hotel before deciding that yes, tea would help. She didn’t want to go all the way back up to her room, however. The looming darkness seemed to want to attack her, and she didn’t want to find herself alone in the dark.

Stepping into the kitchen, she was greeted by…

Someone she’d hardly spoken to. He seemed to be in a similar state to herself, pacing and worrying. At least he wasn’t shaking. Standing by the door, Beryll pondered whether to approach or not. Perhaps he’d lash out, not trusting her? 

Swallowing back her nervousness, she continued walking, slowly approaching Rupert. 

H-Hola, c-como estas? Oh, um, I mean… A-Are you alright, M-Mr. Ru-Rupert?”

Stuttering her way though the sentence, she stopped near enough to him to have a decent conversation, but far enough that it wasn’t uncomfortable.